PhotoBooth in Moorslede, Iepersestraat 39, Automatenshop
Card payments

Moorslede, 8890

Iepersestraat 39,

Price: 10

Opening hours:

Monday:5:00 – 24:00Free entry
Tuesday:5:00 – 24:00Free entry
Wednesday:5:00 – 24:00Free entry
Thursday:5:00 – 24:00Free entry
Friday:5:00 – 24:00Free entry
Saturday:5:00 – 24:00Free entry
Sunday:5:00 – 24:00Free entry

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Passport photo booth

Do you have visit the town hall for an identity card, travel pass or driving license and do you still need personal photos for legal documents? Then you can use our automated photo booth, located in Moorslede, Iepersestraat 39 (Automatenshop) 

This photo booth is freely accessible during an opening hours, listed above. Persons with reduced mobility can also easily use the cabin.

The photos meet the legal European standards and are suitable for all official documents.

Cost of service

You pay 10 euros for six passport pictures. The passport photo booth is equipped with electronic payment options.

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